Oh, Breville!

As far as I know, Breville kitchen appliances are pretty new to the U.S. I mean, maybe their espresso machines have been used in professional situations for a while, but wasn’t familiar with their products until my husband came home from work with a Breville mixer he had won in a raffle. It clearly wasn’t the prize he had been after, but I was more than happy that he managed to nab it. I had never used a Breville anything before, but once I did, it completed changed my opinion of my favorite kitchen products. This brand has it going on!

My experience with the mixer meant that I had to see what Breville had to offer in espresso makers, and believe me, they do not disappoint. The Breville 800ESXL has the same look as their super sleek mixers and other kitchen products, but it comes with a bigger price tag to boot. I think they’re worth the extra money, but there is definitely a price difference.

Under Pressure

The 800ESXL has the 15 Bar pressure you would expect from a nearly professional espresso machine so you get the heat and the speed needed to get the best tasting espresso possible.

Triple Priming

Yeah, seriously. This espresso machine gets itself ready three different ways so you don’t have to do a lot of cleaning or scrubbing before tamping and getting your grounds ready for deliciousness.

Stainless Steel

You won’t find any plastic here. Not at all. The exterior is all stainless steel, and you won’t have to worry about pieces of plastic breaking off like you do with a lot of other machines. All the buttons nestled on the front are covered in durable materials so they can be wiped down if they end up with some remnants of the kitchen on them.

Get Your Cup In There

One of the more common problems with a lot of espresso machines it that they’re made too squat or the frothing arm comes down too low so you can’t use a frothing container of any useful size, and that just doesn’t work at all. This one gives you clearance for a cup more than 4.5 inches tall so you can work out the right amount of foam for whatever you’re making.

Temperature On Lock

With some machines you have the problem that once you use the steam, it’s difficult to get the rest of the machine down to the right temperature to make espresso without burning the beans or grounds. That’s not the case here. In fact, it has a self-regulating thermostat that will change the temperature for you so you always get the right amount of control and the right temperature for your drink.

You Actually Want To Unplug It

There are a lot of different tools on this machine, and they all work under power, which means the only way to turn it off entirely is to unplug it. The off switch isn’t enough. You can turn it off, but you’ll still hear the noises of gurgles and adjustments as it does it’s thing… even though it’s technically off. Save the power and unplug it when you’re done.

Hushed Tones

This is not a particularly loud unit, which is a nice addition to the rest of the functionality. I’m not sure why espresso makers are so much louder than regular coffee makers, but they really can be. I mean, I know there’s some noise while you’re steaming the milk because that’s the sound that comes from the pressure, but the machine shouldn’t be entirely raucous. The good news is that this one isn’t. It’s actually pretty quiet compared to a lot of other units.

Buzz Buzz

If you’re like me and you can hear your phone vibrating across the house, you might become a little frustrated with the amount of vibration this machine has. I’m not sure it’s worse than any others, but it is larger than a lot of the other options, which tends to increase its vibration. But there are ways to get around it. You can use a towel underneath to reduce the movement and dampen the sound. There are also rubberized fatigue mats whichmight work as well. Either way, it’s easily worked around so it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

It Can Get Pretty Technical

There are a lot of pieces and parts that work together in an espresso machine, moreso than a lot of other kitchen counter appliances. More than that, there are a lot of people who know about all the details and how they affects the coffee beans. But if you’re not familiar with it all, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. This is definitely a unit people get pretty technical about concerning the water pumps and the valves and the pipes and more. Honestly, just ignore all that and focus on what you want to do, unless you’re an espresso snob like I am. Don’t be, though. It’s not worth the effort.

Not Entirely Stainless

If I had to think of a complaint about this machine, it wouldn’t be about the actual function of the unit. The machine is described as having a stainless steel exterior, and essentially it does, but it’s really stainless steel covering a different material so it looks great, but doesn’t quite have the exterior durability of solid stainless steel. I don’t see this as a deal breaker, and the look of it is not as important as the function, but for the price I don’t want the company to skimp on anything.

Be Still My Heart, Breville

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to appear unbiased, but this is my site and I have a major affinity for this brand. This espresso machine delivers. While it may not be perfect, it’s not going to cost me professional prices to get what I want out of it. That’s a pretty sweet deal. I can get my mornings right with the drink I love from an espresso machine that does just about everything I want and more.