Super Automated Fanciness Without The Super Automated Price

I love it when everything comes together. I like it even better when someone figures out how to make it all work without me having to think terribly hard.

As I hunted through the different options for espresso machines, I fell in love with the super automated ones, but was seriously having trouble figuring out how to convince my husband that the espresso machine I swore was going to save us money was actually going to cost us an arm and a leg. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure many of them are worth it, but $700 for an espresso machine might be pushing the limits of my ability to realistically rationalize.

Looking at the overall simplicity of different espresso machines, most of the less expensive ones would really require a lot of work on my part. I would have to grind the beans myself or get pre-ground ones which would lose their flavor over a short period of time, which would mean buying a grinder to really get what I wanted. Then, I would have to find a machine that actually knows what to do with the milk and doesn’t require me to measure the exact amount of espresso to ensure I don’t end up with a drink that’s much too weak or much too strong. I’m supposed to be able to do all that thinking before my morning caffeine? Really?

Well, on a brighter note, I may have found the answer and it’s wrapped up into one well-made package. The DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System works with the Nespresso capsules which take the thinking out of measuring your espresso.

Not Out Of The Milk Game

One of the things missing from all the Nespresso machines I’ve examined is the ability to get the frothy milk that you want to go with the espresso you just made. Most of the Nespresso machines are single serve, and they can make a heck of an espresso, but that’s all they do.

The Lattissima Plus actually has a milk chamber that lets the user fill it up and the machine takes care of the frothing. I’m not sure you’ll get the kind of volume or size you get with coffeehouse drinks, but you do have the option of having the milk ready for your drink in a way that previous Nespresso machines couldn’t deliver.

No Measuring

The thing I love most about these machines is you get the control of a super automated machine, as far as the grinding and the amount of espresso needed to get the flavor you want, and the capsules actually turn out to be pretty flipping delicious. I haven’t had good experiences with pre-portioned single-serve coffees in the past, but the Nespresso machines bring in a whole lot more flavor than their coffee competitors.

The Whole Drink With A Touch Of A Button

Did I mention how much I love convenience? This machine lets you load in a cup that it can brew right into, and it does all the work from brewing the coffee to foaming of the milk, straight through to the proper layering of your drink. All you have to do in the process is load the cup and push one button. All that morning magic can be happening while I’m running around getting ready for work, and my husband’s coffee can be ready right behind mine because I can hit the button and head out the door.

40 Seconds and Go

When you’re ready to make your drink in the morning, you don’t have to wait for this coffee machine to get up and running with you. Walk by and turn it on, and it will be able to make your drink within 40 seconds. From off to heated and ready to go within just 40 seconds. I think that’s as close to lightning speed as coffee can get.

Cold, But Not Iced

I have, unfortunately, found a problem with this machine in that it doesn’t always heat up the milk well when it’s doing the foaming and frothing, and you can end up with a cold-ish cappuccino. Iced cappuccino? Delicious. Iced latte? Delicious. Tepid either? Yeah, not so much.

It’s not that the air has a problem getting into the milk, but it seems that some of the machines aren’t able to get the necessary steam to go with the air, which is what actually makes it hot. Leaving the machine on for quite some time seems to solve the problem, but that’s rather contradictory to the “40 seconds and go” claim. So I’m kind of on the fence with this one.

It’s Enticing

Even with the possible drawbacks, I’m totally considering the Lattissima Plus. I would really love for it to be the perfect answer for everything I’m looking for without having to do any extra work in the morning and without having to pay for a super expensive machine. But, I like my coffees burning hot, and I’m not entirely convinced that this one is able to get as hot as I need it without having to wait.

Personally I have a little more considering to do, but if you’re more temperature forgiving than I am and you want to have it all (espresso-wise) with just the push of a button, then you’re probably in the right place.