I Can’t Believe I’m About To Say This…

You may have caught onto this by now, but I have not historically been a big fan of Keurigs. I have had quite a few different types of coffee from them, and I didn’t think any of them really hit the mark as far as taste is concerned. I also hate that they’re so much more expensive per cup than a regular coffee machine that probably makes a pretty good cup o’Joe.

I didn’t know, however, that Keurig had made an entry into the espresso machine market. That caught my attention as something worth looking into even though I was hesitant. Then I found out the Keurig works with Lavazza. Lavazza coffee is SO GOOD. I go to a restaurant near my house that serves Lavazza, and I never leave without having a cup, even if everyone else has already finished their meals. It’s just too good to pass up.

Still Has The Need For Speed

Like the coffee Keurig, the espresso version also brews quickly. It has the same 15 bars of pressure most consumer and a lot of professional espresso machines do. It works with pods, kind of like the Keurig coffee maker, to give you quickly brewed espresso which you can then turn into the coffee drink of your choice — or just drink it straight. Basically, all your drinks come made in just one minute. That’s lightning fast for any machine.

One Upgrade From What You Know

There are probably several upgrades on this little machine compared to your K-Cup coffee machine. The most noticeable one, though, is the little milk chamber on the front that will froth up your milk fast, quick and in a hurry. Better yet, it’s not just an autopilot feature. It actually has three different settings you can choose from in order to get the right foam for whatever you’re making: cappuccino, latte or something nice and cold.

All The Ounces

One of the few things I liked about the Keurig coffee machine was the number of times I could make coffee without having to fill up the water tank. This has a similar tank, and that’s an even bigger deal with espresso, which you need a lot less water for. The 60 ounces the tank holds will probably last you a long time unless you have a really serious espresso habit. And if your espresso habit is that intense, you might want to see a doctor about it.

.. I’m just sayin’… because I care… really, I do. Ok, let’s move on.

Say It With Me Now… Laaaavvvvaaazzzzaaa

If for no other reason, this is the number one reason I am so enthralled with this machine. I like a lot of coffees. I LOVE Lavazza. It’s delicious, strong, fragrant, and everything a good coffee should be. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me to hunt down their espresso to have at home, but it never did. Needless to say, to see that name on this machine got me going in the pulling-out-my-wallet direction. No question. Everything I’ve seen about them says Lavazza pods are really good. They may not be the same as something fancy made by someone from fresh beans, but for the one minute it takes to brew them, they’re definitely close enough.

Support Like You’ve Never Seen It

If Lavazza wasn’t enough to get me on board, the way Keurig stands behind its products very well might have done the trick. If there is a problem, all you have to do is call. If it can’t be easily fixed, they’ll swap it out. I’m not sure how long the warranty is on this puppy, but it seems to be pretty comprehensive, and much better than what I’ve seen with a lot of machines with much higher price tags. For just over $150, which isn’t much more than a really good coffee maker, you get really good espresso and a company which supports its customers and its products. There’s a lot to like there.

Pricey Over Time

The biggest complaint I have about this machine actually has nothing to do with functionality. It’s the same complaint I have for all capsule-based machines in general. Using the capsules ends up being a lot more expensive than grinding your own beans. I don’t think the difference is enough to warrant dropping $1K on a super-automated machine, but that’s totally up to you.

Quality Conundrum

There is no question about the quality of the drinks. They’re great. There is some question, though, about the quality of the parts in the machine. While this makes close to professional grade drinks, it doesn’t stand up to the professional parts test and you may end up using the warranty more than you bargained for.

You Had Me At Espresso

Ok, I’ll eat some crow. I was not a Keurig believer until I saw this machine. At just over $150, it’s much lower priced than some comparable machines, and it uses the best coffee in the whole world. You can’t go wrong with Lavazza (no, they don’t pay me to say that). It also does a lot of other things that get my attention, and it’s backed up by a company that actually takes care of its products and its customers. I can’t complain about that. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m seriously considering buying myself a Keurig.