A Lot of Caffeine In a Very Small Package

I am a sucker for things that are cute and compact. I probably shouldn’t be, considering they’re not always the most functional items you can buy, but I like just like things that are tiny and adorable… which could explain my two tiny chihuahuas. Or, I should say, my one tiny chihuahua and my one dog who was supposed to be tiny but who turned out to be a fat tub of blubber. I love her anyway.

But I digress. Back to cute and compact. It’s no wonder the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker caught my eye. The thing is hardly bigger than an espresso cup, yet you can use it to make espresso. Not only that, but it comes in three different colors: black, white and red, to make sure you get the right color of cuteness to match your kitchen. I just can’t even.

The Pod Of It

The Inissia can get away with being so cute and tiny because it doesn’t use regular espresso grounds that have to be prepared and need a lot of pressure and temperature to do their thing. It actually uses pods a lot like the ones that are sweeping the Keurig nation, except they’re made to be more concentrated for the purposes of espresso. The small pods make it possible to save a lot of space with the actual unit.

Still Got Some Kick

A lot of the espresso makers higher up the ladder of consumer models are much larger than this one, and they have about 15 bars of pressure, which is pretty standard. This one, even though it’s a lot smaller, actually has 19 bars of pressure to get the pod to the right temperature to make your favorite espresso. That’s pretty impressive considering its teensy size.

Plenty Of Tank Size

Again, this is a small unit, but it packs a lot of punch in the way of usability. It has a 24 ounce container for water, which will make plenty of 2 ounce espressos. You’d think they would have to eliminate features in order to be able to work with the machine’s relatively small size, but I’m impressed with how much they have packed in there instead.

Keep Your Emptys For A Minute

My dad has a Keurig and he is always confused about why it won’t work, when it turns out he just hasn’t taken out the old cup yet. I’ve always wondered why there isn’t some way to make it put old cups into a receptacle that can be emptied later. Ta da! This machine pretty much does exacty that. It holds the old espresso pods, which I image are smaller than the K Cups, and you only have to empty it after 9-10 uses. That’s a lot of espresso before you have to do a little bit of maintenance.

Heat Up Quick And Get On Your Way

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in coffee, but that doesn’t meant I don’t remember anything. Actually, what I remember most is how long it took the espresso machine to get hot in the morning. I mean, it was a huge machine, so it makes sense that it would take a little while, but it’s also a professional machine. Those should be able to get moving in no time flat, right? Yeah, not so much. Meanwhile, this tiny little beast is able to get up and heated in just over 20 seconds. By the time I even decide what kind of drink I want, it’s totally heated up and just waiting on me.

A Little Loud

Probably because of the speed and pressure that’s needed to get the machine moving, the Inissia is a little louder than a lot of other espresso machines. It’s not deafening, but it might be a little bit of a shocker the first time you hear it, considering how small the little bugger is.

Don’t Worry About Your Mug

The Inissia improves on a problem seen in a lot of units, where you have to worry about not being able to fit your mug underneath the spout. While it is a small unit, it does have a tray that can be removed so you can get a bigger cup under there for your lattes and cappuccinos that need more room for milk.

Pricey For A Little, But Not If It Really Works

Because this machine is so small, I expected it to be equally inexpensive, but that isn’t the case. It’s not the most expensive unit I’ve seen, but at $120 it’s not cheap either, considering it doesn’t have as many features or options for espressos as a bean machine. There is plenty to make you happy with just what’s there, though, so the convenience may very well be worth it, and its entirely possible you have nothing to worry about as far as options for drinks are concerned.

Recepticle Tribulations

While the place to hold the empty capsules is a great idea, it’s not a perfect construction. The small machine means they had to pack a lot into a little space, and it can be a little tricky to get things apart or back together. For instance, when you’re trying to empty the receptacle it can get stuck and be hard to remove. Then, when you manage to unseat it, if you do it with too much gusto, you can end up with dirty, used espresso pods everywhere. So, you know, you have to be careful so you don’t make a mess.

Small Wonder

So it’s not perfect, but there really isn’t much to not like about this machine, either. In fact, it does a really good job of making sure just about everything you need is taken care of in one small place without a lot of extra frills. You end up with really good espresso without having to grind the beans or tamp down the grounds, and it’s fast and ready to go in no time. And it’s cute — I did mention that, right? I’m so intrigued.

If time is of the essence for you, then you are absolutely in the right place. We can make everything work and then some, with this handy, dandy little espresso maker.